Net Protector Total Security


Total Security
Net Protector Total security provides Real-time, multilayered protection.Real-time protection stops the viruses from reaching your PC, keeps your applications & data safe.

Reduces unwanted traffic, ensures smooth, fast internet surfing.

Features of Total Security

Antivirus & Anti-malware
Multilayered protection against all types of viruses.

Behavior Heuristic Detection
Detects & blocks ransomwares heuristically.

Ransomware LAN Shield
Protects the system from network/end point originated infection.

Monitors & blocks all malicious incoming & outgoing internet connections.

Data Backup
Automatically backups latest documents, securing from ransomware.

Blocks fraudulent, phishing, credential-stealing sites, links.

Adware Blocker
Prevents malicious Adwares, Miximises CPU, memory & internet bandwidth.

Vulnerability Scanner
Scans & fixes vulnerabilities in network, endpoints & roaming devices.

Anti-ransomware Shield
Blocks ransomwares, prevents data-corruption, data-…


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